News-Auto Fule Effeciency

Dear Scotty,

For the past 20 years, the fuel efficiency standards for cars and trucks sold in the U.S. have barely changed.

Right now, we’re on the verge of a huge breakthrough on fuel efficiency — and we need your help to make sure it succeeds.

The Environmental Protection Agency has proposed new standards that will improve the gas mileage of new cars and light trucks. These standards will:

* Reduce our oil consumption by 1.8 billion barrels of oil;
* Save Americans $190 billion on fuel costs — $3,000 per vehicle purchased under the new standard;
* Cut carbon dioxide emissions by 950 million metric tons.

This historic step will finally move us toward energy independence and loosen Big Oil’s grip on the American economy. But the special interests are going to do everything they can to block these critical reforms, so we need to let our leaders know that we support these efforts.

Tell EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson: “I support efforts to strengthen fuel efficiency standards that will reduce pollution and revitalize our auto industry.”

In addition to helping protect American consumers and our climate, this proposal is also supported by major automobile manufacturing associations, and many automakers including Chrysler, Ford and GM.

That’s because the new standards simultaneously reduce our auto emissions and preserve automobile buying choices for American consumers.

After years of inaction, improving mileage standards is an essential step toward energy independence and addressing the climate crisis.

Tell the EPA you support strong fuel efficiency standards to Repower America:

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