Catch and Stop-Energy Vampires

Conserve energy and save money by unplugging unused appliances around your home.

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Unplugging unused appliances or electronic devices in the off mode is an easy way to cut down on your home’s energy consumption and reduce your energy bill. These devices are called “energy” or “power vampires” because they consume energy from electrical outlets even when they are not being used or are in the off mode. Although these devices appear to be off, they continue to draw electricity from outlets to keep their circuits instantly ready for the next time they are turned on.
In general, any device that has a power adapter or “power brick,” or feels warm after it was been switched off for a while, is an energy vampire, including TVs, DVD players and VCRs, cable modems and rechargeable battery chargers for phones, laptops, music players and digital cameras. Individual appliances and devices only consume a few watts when not in use, but throughout a day and over an entire year, a few watts can add up to almost 20% of a home’s power use. Unplugging these electronics or using an inexpensive power strip that can turn off multiple devices when not in use can significantly reduce your energy bill by $50 to $ 200 per year.

Take Action / Next Steps
  • Ready to start slaying the energy vampires in your home? Sign up for the goal on ecomii Action and track your progress.
  • Want to learn more? Click here to read about ways you can conserve energy in your home on ecomii.
  • To see if your appliance or electronic device is considered an energy vampire with low energy use in standby mode, check with the U.S. Department of Energy

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