Politics and Climate Change July News

Hot enough for you?

It’s not hot enough for our Senators, clearly. Record-breaking temperatures around the country and around the globe didn’t cause any groundswell of support for climate legislation in the Senate last week, when our leaders simply decided any actual effort to cut carbon in the atmosphere was not worth the effort.

After years of work from many of our colleagues in the progressive community, they didn’t even bother to vote down a cap on Carbon–senators simply refused to even consider it. 

It wasn’t a perfect bill by any means–in fact, it was deeply compromised. But the Senate didn’t reject it because they wanted something stronger, they rejected it because they simply didn’t feel any pressure to act on global warming — Even after the warmest six months ever recorded.

So your senators need to hear from you this August recess. If they’re in your community for some event, they need to see a fired-up grassroots movement that is ready to hold them accountable. They need to get to work, because they work for you.

Sign up here to Keep the Heat on your senators over the August Recess, when they’ll be back in district and waiting to hear from you.

The basic idea is to attend an event where your senator is speaking. Have a few friends stand outside with signs, and then have one or two people inside the event ask when we can expect Senate action on climate change. We’ve put together a guide that explains how to do this.

The recess lasts from August 9 to September 12, so you have a lot of time to attend a local event and let your senators know that they have to get to work. If senators return to DC having heard, over and over again, that people are outraged about their lack of action, they can’t drop the issue. Lots of our allies (Energy Action Coalition and 1Sky, to name two) are working on this, so we’re confident our movement can send a strong message.

To make it easier, we made a little guide about what not to do when you meet your senators.

Watch the new video!

Normally we recommend complete politeness with political leaders. But frankly it might be okay to show a little anger. I know what I’m going to say: I’m hot as hell, and I’m not going to take it any more.

Many thanks in advance,

Bill McKibben and the 350.org Team

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