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Environmental Defense Fund

Water Bottle

Thanks for joining our Action Network.

Make a gift of $15 or more and we’ll send you a limited-edition EDF water bottle as a thank you for your support.
Dear Scotts,

Thank you for lending your voice to our EDF Action Network. I hope that you’ve had a chance to read our previous emails, and learn a bit more about how we work.

Most importantly, I hope that by now you realize that your actions and opinions are an integral part of what we do. They will help us sway policy makers and business leaders to chart new territory and make transformational environmental changes.

Today, I hope you’ll take the next step in the fight and make a gift to support our innovative work. For a short time, we’re offering new Action Network activists 40% off our normal membership with Environmental Defense Fund – and a limited-edition EDF water bottle!

Need convincing why you should become a member of EDF?

Consider these FIVE REASONS:

  1. Climate change legislation is at a make or break moment! We are close to a breakthrough in Washington, but success is far from assured. Now is the moment we need to show that Americans care about global warming and expect dramatic action. With global warming legislation pending in Congress, this will be the year we either change America’s direction or lose one of our best opportunities.
  2. Grassroots organizing and education. We have committed millions of dollars to educate Americans, build grassroots support for action, and press for legislation not only in Washington, but in all 50 state capitals, and in cities and towns nationwide. Using both new web-based tactics along with tried and true measures like advertising and community organizing, we have built an army of vocal citizens from across the political, geographic and social spectrum.
  3. Unique partnerships with Corporate America. Environmental Defense Fund has played a lead role in winning some critical allies to help protect the environment. Through the United States Climate Action Partnership (USCAP), we helped secure public calls by General Electric, Shell Oil and nearly two dozen other major health corporations for decisive federal action to reduce greenhouse pollution. We have also forged strategic partnerships with corporations like Wal-Mart, FedEx, and McDonald’s to help produce environmental results while simultaneously creating business benefits.
  4. Beyond climate change. Without question, global warming action is our cardinal priority this year. But Environmental Defense Fund is still hard at work at other critical challenges, including pioneering new strategies for reversing the decimation of the oceans’ seafood stocks; partnering with landowners to save endangered wildlife like the ocelot; new approaches to reducing urban congestion and pollution, and much more.
  5. Your peace of mind. Your generous gift today gives you the satisfaction of knowing that you are doing your part in this critical time to tackle some of Earth’s biggest environmental challenges. And you’ll know that you are giving your support to an environmental group with a broad agenda that gets things done.

Your actions are great needed — and appreciated — as is your membership.

As an EDF member, you will be a key partner in our victories. We will keep you posted on how we’re putting your support to work – so we all can win.

Thanks for everything you do.


Environmental Defense Fund

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Environmental Defense Fund
1875 Connecticut Ave. NW, Suite 600
Washington, DC 20009
4 Stars from Charity Navigator

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