Solar On White House is Example of Failing to LEAD BY EXAMPLE-Rescinded

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Though I have never had to remove a post for my comments I will say that I happily rescind my thoughts on this post.  Because the President has allowed solar to be installed on the White House.  This is: “Leading by Example or Practicing what you Preach” 

Now if only more members of the House and Senate will follow these examples just maybe we can turn the tables on: Climate Change, Economic Issues that are Troubling our Great Nation, Combatting Big Oil and Big Coal, and the various other issues plaguing our country.

See Current Posting Here:

SOLAR: Shadow of Carter eclipses White House solar panel push

Environment and Energy Daily
September 14, 2010
Emily Yehle, E&E reporter

For the low monthly price of $537, Barack and Michelle Obama could be enjoying the benefits of solar energy, transforming the White House roof with 76 futuristic panels that would cut their electricity bill by 80 percent.

At least that is the very rough estimate drawn up by Sungevity, a solar power company that has joined forces with and other nonprofits to campaign for solar panels on the White House roof. In their eyes, it is a win-win: The White House becomes a more efficient household, and the president sends a symbolic message to the country.

But last week, White House officials essentially shot down the idea, telling co-founder Bill McKibben that they would deliberate about future possibilities and releasing a vague statement on Obama’s commitment to renewable energy. The rebuff left lots of room for interpretation: Why, exactly, is Obama, the champion of climate change legislation and strong environmental regulation, so averse to the idea?

Could it be Jimmy Carter?

Carter was the first and only president to put solar panels on the White House, installing a set in 1979 and extolling them as the way of the future. Six years later, the Reagan administration removed the panels for now-forgotten reasons.

That history has become a cornerstone of the recent solar campaign, with McKibben hauling a Carter solar panel to the White House last week. But Carter’s solar achievements may be beside the point; as midterm elections approach, Obama politically probably would not touch anything related to Carter with a 10-foot pole.

“It’s one thing after the midterms to compare yourself to Bill Clinton, the comeback kid,” said Stuart Rothenberg, editor of the Rothenberg Political Report, a nonpartisan tip sheet. “It’s another thing to compare yourself to someone who was, as president, a failure.”

Other theories exist as to why the White House is so touchy about solar panels. Some say the panels would not be effective enough to justify installing them; others blame it on bureaucracy. The New York Times’ Andrew Revkin hypothesized that putting solar panels on the roof would come up against difficult security hurdles in a post-9/11 world.


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  1. Seems pretty typical- ‘All Talk no ACTION’ for our current President-

    “Everyone should have solar on their roof,” Obama Speech about Renewable Energy. Yet organizations have offered to Install Solar on the White House for FREE to no result.

    It takes more than talk and lofty ideas to lead our Nation.


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