Power Naps Decrease Computer Energy Use

On Wed, Oct 6, 2010 at 11:18 AM, Scott’s Contracting <scottscontracting> wrote:

Dear Scotty,

Thanks to you, we’re on track with our goals for the October 10 Coal Challenge, but the deadline is just a few days away.

Repower at Home supporters like you can step up to help prevent the equivalent of 7 million pounds of coal from being burned. To reach our goal, it will only take 153 people to agree to make a simple, energy-saving change.

Here’s one simple action you can take to give us a boost before the deadline: Set your computer to sleep automatically after 15 minutes of inactivity. Not sure how to do that? We’ll show you — just click the link below. You’ll save energy in the amount of $25-$75 each year, and you’ll put us one step closer to reaching our goal for 10.10.10.

Pledge to set your computer to take regular naps to help complete the October 10 Coal Challenge.

Set your computer to sleep

Your computer works hard every day so you can keep up with friends, work and the world around you. In fact, a typical computer uses most of its energy when no one is in front of it.

It’s amazing how much energy and money we can save by using our resources more efficiently. Just by cutting down on energy you didn’t realize you were using, you can help repower your home and help break our addiction to harmful sources of energy.

If you don’t know how to change the sleep settings on your computer, read our instructions on the link below.

Fight climate change with a simple action today: Set your computer to take a nap when you’re not around.

Your computer deserves a rest. And you deserve a break on your energy bill. Support our fight to repower America, one simple step at a time — and to help us close out the October 10 Coal Challenge.

Thanks for all you do,

Keith Goodman
Repower at Home

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