Basement Conversion Photos

Ideal Situation

Think functionality for any type of lower-level entertaining space.
Will you serve family dinners in the basement or just a few drinks to friends?
Do you only need a refrigerator to hold beer during the football game or is a full bar more your style?
Whatever you decide, renovate your space accordingly, making sure everything you need (including stemware, snack bowls, and wine) is right at your fingertips.
Brick Basement with Pool Table


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 Gathering Spot

Give people a reason to do downstairs. If you don’t have much light, turn the space into a home theater.
heaters and game rooms are good reasons to go down into a dark basement.
dark bathroom with short toilet against stone wall

Embrace the Dark Side

Use the lack of natural light in your basement to your advantage by creating a dramatic space with modern wood paneling and stone.
wet bar high counter with light wood

Light Direction

Plan to add several new light fixtures to your renovated basement to combat darkness in the space.
Recessed lighting unobtrusively shines on work areas and pendent lamps provide more direct illumination.
white couch, brown mirror, escape route

Moisture Control

With basement rooms, the most important task is keeping moisture out.
There are multiple ways to keep your basement dry.
Ensure good drainage off your roof and away from your foundation, provide good ventilation of bathrooms and kitchens to the outside, and don’t open windows during humid periods.
Another option is to install a subfloor panel system, which creates a moisture barrier.
If you live in a humid climate, dehumidifiers are an effective way to remove excess moisture from the basement.
However, they can draw water through foundation walls. If this starts to be a problem, turn off the dehumidifier.
white basement, 2 purple chairs, ROI
Quick Return
Finishing a basement is a good investment.
A basement project adds new functionality to your home by providing more living space and more efficient storage.

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