Where to Find Green and Eco Friendly Web Hosting with Unlimited Options?

I do not recommend using Fat Cow Web Hosting (are Crooks) any more.  The company automatically withdrew funds from my account with-out my prior approval.  After I complained about the Un-Authorized access with the, Slow to Respond Agents of F.C., to my Bank Account and changed the Access on the Account to “Do Not Access Bank Account” to the Banking information I had on file The company did a refund for the Amount.  I figured it was an honest mistake and thought nothing more.  Then the following month while going over my Bank Statements the Charges appeared again.  This was the 2nd Un-Authorized withdrawl from my account by F.C.  This was the last straw for me.  I stopped using F. C. Web Hosting and have redirected all the traffic to this site.

For These Reasons I do not recommend using F.C.  The only ones who are getting fat is the Bank Accounts of the Web Hosting Agents.

I have also levied a complaint against F.C. with the Better Business Bureau.  But since they refunded all the money the BBB did not pursue further actions.

Be Warned F__t C_w Web Hosting are Crooks and removed funds from my account without prior approval and they may yours too!


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