Energy Efficiency Home Statistics

If you are considering building a ‘New Energy Efficient Home’ in Missouri Check out these Energy statistics- Energy Cost Saving Analysis that I guarantee will please your Bank Account with the Money You will Save on Utility Bills.

A New Home Built using the International Energy Conservation Code- IECC. provides a cost effective payback on Energy Efficiency, with the average pay back time of 3 ½ years (3.5) Not bad for an initial investment of $818.72. The Missouri Pay Back is even faster! BCAP used a baseline for energy efficiency consisting of:

  1. Efficient Lighting and Windows,
  2. a Higher Grade of Insulation and
  3. HVAC Duct Sealing and Testing

The Missouri Statistics are:

  • $875.28 Initial Investment Returns
  • $459.00 per year with a
  • Payback under 2 years (1.91 years)
  • $459 x 20 years = $9,180.00
x 25 years = $11,475.00 
x 30 years = $13,770.00 
  • These Figures are based on: $267,451 for a 2,400-square foot home and a 4.14 percent mortgage interest rate
For the Future St Louis Area New Home Builders I have additional cost Saving Measures that will give you additional areas to save money without sacrificing your Comfort Levels. to find out how.
  • With Savings like this consider adding a Renewable Energy System designed especially for your Future Property and you could possibly eliminate all the Utility Bills for your Home by Generating your Own Clean Energy!
  • Note: When a Home or Business is operating efficiently- Renewable Energy Systems costs are decreased! Making a RE System much more affordable.


Note: The Statistics used in this post were provided by: 1- and 2-


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