How to Save Money on Your Winter Heating Bills

On Fri, Nov 26, 2010 at 11:29 AM, Scott’s Contracting <> wrote:

  • Did the first Snow of the Year catch you unprepared for winter?
  • Is there enough insulation in your attic, walls, or floor?
  • Do you feel cold air drafts around your windows and doors?
  • Are your Heating bills higher this year than past years?
  • Have you chosen to become an active participant to Reduce the Earth’s Climate Change?

If you answered YES to any of the above questions its not too late to make your Building more Energy Efficient

  • Insulation Levels [R-Value] For the St Louis Region (suggestions by the US Dept of Energy)
  1. Attic Insulation Level Should be a Minimum Level R-49
  2. Wall Insulation Level Minimum Level R-13
  3. Flooring Insulation Minimum Level R-30
  4. Basement Interior Wall Minimum Level R-11

Stop Cold Air Drafts in the Exterior Walls of Your Building by

  1. Installing Weather Stripping around your Doors and Windows
  2. Seal all Exterior Wall Electrical Boxes with Electrical Box Sealer
  3. Seal Exterior Obtrusion’s in Exterior Walls with Caulk or Spray Foam

Additional Insulation Information can be found:Insulating Roofs, Walls, and Floors , Attic Insulation and Attic Energy Solutions , Roof and Attic Ventilation , Fall Home Check Up Guide with Photos

Scotts Contracting is available to assist you in Lowering your Buildings Energy Needs, Questions, Comments, etc- Click here to email:

NOTE: For Every $1-Dollar Spent on Weatherization will Return $2 Savings on Energy Bills

Scotts Contracting Guarantees that with proper insulation levels and

stopping the Cold Air Drafts in your Building you will save money on your Heating Bills.Scotty


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