Frost on Roof or Lack of Frost is a sure sign…

On the Frosty Mornings when you are outside your house scraping your cars windshield to prepare for your drive to work. Take a look at the Roof of your Home. -Lack of Frost or Snow on your Roof is a sure indication that it was melted by the Heat as it rises from the Interior of your House into the Attic Area-

Frost on Roof or Lack of Frost is a sure sign…

  • Does the Frost or Snow cover the whole roof?
  • Are there places where the snow and frost melt first? (not caused by the Suns Rays)
  • Is there Frost and Snow on the Garage Roof but not on the House Roof?
  • Does your Neighbors House have Frost and Snow on their Roof- but-Your Roof Doesn’t?

Any or All the above may mean that:

  1. Lack of Insulation In the Attic
  2. Air Infiltration from the Interior of the House into the Attic Area
  3. Uninsulated Heating Ducts inside the Attic

Scotts Contracting can Inspect your Attic for Proper:

  1. Insulation Levels
  2. Adequate Ventilation
  3. Uninsulated Heating Ducts
  4. Air Infiltration

Email scottscontracting and Scotty will provide a Free Estimate to Fix any of the Above Issues on your Home. I will also provide a Cost Saving Analysis that will provide a ROI on your Investment.

Weatherization doesn’t cost it Saves! Rule of Thumb: For Every $1 Spent on Weatherization- You will Save $2 on your Home’s Energy Bills

  • Example: By adding ___ Inches of Insulation you will save $__ amount on the Energy needed to heat your Home= Lower Heating Bills and Greater Comfort Levels

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Email scottscontracting and Scotty will provide a Free Estimate to Fix any of the Above Issues on your Home.


    1. If the snow doesn’t melt from the heat generated in your home. I would venture to say you have adequate insulation. When you are out and about in your community, looking at houses you can easily tell which homes need help in their attics. Example: houses that all the snow on the roof is gone when the neighbor’s house next door isn’t is a tell.


  1. Not always so easy to explain … a couple of mornings ago I was walking in the early morning and saw frost on the roofs of homes along the road. The frost was never on the roof above the eaves, or over the attached garage areas only on the roof area above the inhabited parts of the homes … though not on my roof, where there was no frost, though the companion duplex at the other end of the shared roof was frosted up nicely over the occupied area starting just beyond the eves and fading away as it reached the roof ridge …


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