Republicans – Are they Blind to Climate Change?

I don’t agree with everything the Sierra Club Promotes
but I do approve of their Global Warming

ie: Climate Change Stance. 

Sierra Club - Explore, enjoy and protect the planet


The Republican leadership has made its choice and it makes us sick.
 It took them exactly one day in office to show their true colors and declare an all-out war on the Clean Air Act and the EPA.1

Contact your members of Congress today and tell them that these Republican attacks on the EPA and our health make us sick.

House Republicans like Rep. Issa (R-CA), Upton (R-MI), and Carter (R-TX) are trying to dismantle the public health protections we’ve fought so hard for, all for one simple reason  – to support oil and coal polluters’ bottom line. 

The current EPA rule for cement plants Republicans are working to eviscerate will cause up to 2,500 premature deaths a year, 13,000 days of work missed due to pollution related health problems, and cost our economy at least $6.7 billion.2 

It’s a stark choice between our health and corporate greed.  Republican leaders have made their choice – where will your legislators stand?

Let’s be clear. Rolling back the cement rule is just the first of many corporate supported efforts to halt progress in protecting our health and environment.
It’s time to draw a line in the sand. Our elected officials can stand with us and fight for our health and communities or stand with the polluters, their bank accounts, and their pro-asthma, pro-heart attack, pro-sickness agenda. 
Send a message to your members of Congress to make sure they stand with us and not with corporate polluters.

Thanks for all that you do to protect the environment.
Sarah Hodgdon
Sarah Hodgdon
Sierra Club, Conservation Director
P.S. Please forward this message and help spread the word to your friends and family!

[1] E.P.A. Faces First Volley from the House,” New York Times: January 6, 2011.
[2] Portland Cement: Factsheet,” Earthjustice Factsheet: 2010.

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