DIY Tips- Insulating the Crawlspace

Crawl Space Insulation

Tom Simchak

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Thinking about making energy efficient home improvements? Home insulation is a classic homeowner example that comes to mind. Despite long-held aspirations, it was only recently that I tackled the project of insulating the crawlspace beneath my dining room. Cold floors during winter months finally convinced me it was time for insulation.

As crawlspaces go, this space was relatively accessible, even if it did require crawling about in dust, stones, nails and wisps of old fiberglass insulation (a more extensive use of gloves, a dust mask and safety goggles would have been a good idea). It was evident that others in the past had the same idea as me — various odd bits of fiberglass insulation had been messily attached by various means between the floor joists and there was a lot of chicken wire along with odd scraps of wood and vinyl siding. Article continues here

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