Delta Wind Turbine Questions and Answers from Factory Rep

Hello Scotty, thank you so much for your questions.  Please see attached spec sheets for our 400W HAWT and 1000W HAWT.  I’ve also included additional information about Delta for your convenience.

Your answers are listed below.

Please let me know how else we can help!  Thank you so much, Kathleen


From: Scott’s Contracting []
Sent: Friday, February 04, 2011 4:58 PM
To: Kathleen Wade
Subject: Wind Turbine Questions

Ms. K. Wade,

While looking at the Website on the Delta Wind Turbines I have a couple of questions.

Q: The St Louis Missouri Wind Speeds are 4-6 mph.  How much Energy will be created with your turbines.

Unfortunately 4-6 mph will not spin the wind turbine. The cut-in speed of 400W is 7.8mph, and 50kWh/ per month will be generated if the average wind speed at 13.4 mph.

Not every location has the good wind condition to use wind energy system. Similar as solar is good in CA and AZ, but not in WA.

Q: Our Electricity Rate is .08 / w.  How long would it take to pay off the turbine?

If there is an average wind speed at 13.4 mph or more, our wind turbine pay off year will be 15 years and 7.5 months (before the Federal and State incentive programs).

50 kWh x 8 cents = $4

Our Minimum advertised price is $750, thus $750 / $4 per month = 187.5 months = 15 years and 7,5 months

Example with incentives: If someone installs our turbine in CA, he may shorten the pay off years to 7~8 years because CA provides the Federal and State incentive at $2.50/ per watt.

Q: Are the Turbines American Made?

The Delta Wind Turbines are produced in Dongguan, China

Welcome to Delta Electronics, Inc.

DELTA profile.pdf
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Thank you for your time and any assistance.

Build Green,

Scott’s Contracting

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