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Financial Opportunities

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The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Solar Energy Technologies Program (Solar Program) posts current and past funding opportunities for all program areas, including research and development (R&D) for photovoltaics and concentrating solar power, systems integration, and market transformation projects. In addition, links to related opportunities from DOE national laboratories and other federal agencies are available.
In carrying out its vision and mission, the federal Solar Program conducts a broad portfolio of activities to make electricity from solar technologies more cost competitive with conventional forms of electricity.
This open, competitive solicitation process is designed to meet the top technology needs identified by industry’s roadmaps. SETP funding opportunities encourage collaborative partnerships among industry, universities, national laboratories, federal, state, and local governments and non-government agencies and advocacy groups. Solicitations, when available, include financial and technical assistance.

Notice of Intent to Issue

Demonstration Project for Concentrating Solar Technologies


DOE intends to issue a Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) to facilitate the demonstration of utility-scale, concentrating solar technologies, which include Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) and Concentrating Photovoltaics (CPV), within the next 30 to 60 days. The objective of the FOA is to enable advanced technologies to bridge the gap between system development and commercial deployment. This FOA would support the demonstration of CSP and CPV technology at a sufficient scale to prove their readiness for utility-scale power production. Technologies and systems that successfully complete demonstrations under this program may be better positioned to secure financing from private sources for utility scale projects.

Request for Information Update

Gathering information from specific audiences is valuable as financial opportunities are developed. The purpose of a request for information (RFI) is to gather input periodically throughout the year, especially as multiple opportunities for funding and technical assistance are planned for the year.

In May 2010, DOE released a Request For Information (RFI) on solar workforce certifications and training program accreditation. Based on the comments received under this RFI, respondents agreed that DOE leadership and financial support in this area is important. Because there was not a clear consensus regarding the exact direction DOE should take, the Solar Program plans to gather additional stakeholder input in early 2011 to identify the key issues surrounding credentialing and assessment of the solar workforce. Please note there are no plans to issue a competitive solicitation in this area, but funding opportunities may be available at a later date.
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