Don’t Let Polluters Gut America’s Clean Air Programs

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Environmental Defense Fund: Clear the Air

Dear Scotts Contracting,

America's clean air standards have saved millions of lives, unleashed clean energy innovation, and produced $30 in economic benefits for every $1 invested in pollution limits.

You'd be crazy to mess with such a successful program, right? Well, we're not saying they're crazy, but…

…This week, pro-polluter ideologues in Congress are launching a new stealth attack to defund important clean air programs that protect Americans from dangerous air pollution.

These "polluter earmarks" would do nothing to reduce the deficit and will only serve to promote short-term polluter profits over the health and economic benefits for the rest of the country.

Please take action: Urge your member of Congress to oppose this polluter assault on clean air programs that save lives, encourage innovation, and grow our economy.

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Of all the laws ever passed in American history, few have been more successful than the Clean Air Act. It has done more good more efficiently than even the people who wrote the law ever imagined.

The data speak for themselves. Among many other accomplishments, the Clean Air Act has:

  • Saved 160,000 lives in 2010 and has easily saved millions of lives over the last 40 years;
  • Provided $30 in total economic benefits for every $1 invested in pollution controls;
  • Decreased the level of airborne lead level 92% since 1980; and
  • Cut acid rain pollution by more than 63%.

And all of this has been achieved at a fraction of the cost that even the most optimistic clean air supporters thought possible when the law went into effect in 1970 and was reauthorized in 1990.

But, polluter allies in Congress are turning a blind eye to these overwhelmingly positive public health and economic benefits. They are threatening to hold the government hostage in order to pass their "polluter earmarks" that would defund our clean air programs.

This is not the way common sense government is supposed to be run. We can't let them get away with this outrageous and short-sighted assault on our clean air.

Please email your member of Congress and urge him or her to oppose this pro-polluter agenda.

Thanks for your action and support,
Environmental Defense Action Fund

P.S. There are many new and swing members of Congress on this issue. We need to make sure they know they can't side with polluters without paying a political price. So, please make sure to take action today.

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