2011 Green-e Energy Survey


It's Time! 2011 Green-e Energy Survey

Center for Resource Solutions, the non-profit that administers the Green-e certification programs, needs 10 minutes of your time to help conduct a study on the role that voluntary renewable energy markets play in the investment in new renewable energy generation facilities in the U.S. Our goals are to provide information valuable to businesses and organizations involved in this sector and to support policy efforts to encourage renewable energy development.

Key to this research is a survey that should take about 10 minutes to complete. Depending on your responses, it may take even less time, as not all questions will apply to all participants. We would be grateful for your participation as someone whose organization has participated in the voluntary market in some form. We ask that all responses be received by Monday, February 28.

Take the Green-e Marketplace Survey

While some of the questions ask for information you may consider sensitive, please understand that your responses will be kept in strict confidence and used only anonymously and in the aggregate. When our research is complete, we expect our results will prove useful to you and the voluntary market both for business planning and marketing purposes.

You will be able to pause and later resume taking the survey and may modify your responses at any time prior to final submission. If, while completing the survey, you find that you do not have answers to the questions or believe another in your organization would be a more appropriate respondent, please feel free to forward that link for them to complete instead. We ask that only one person within your organization submit a survey.

If you think that this survey would also be appropriate for one or more of your business contacts, please feel free to forward it on.

Questions: If you need help answering the questions or have any comments or concerns about the survey, please call us at 415.561.2100 or e-mail info@green-e.org.

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