Bad News MO Gov considering signing SCR1 into law: Help Request!

On Thu, Feb 17, 2011 at 8:37 AM, Scott’s Contracting <scottscontracting> wrote:

Continued Assistance Requested-SCR1 – Missouri Legislation Update

THANK YOU for signing the "Open Letter" to the Governor asking him to veto SCR1. Yours is one of over 1,500 who have signed on in asking him not to support the horrible renewable energy-killing measure.

On Friday I sent a copy of the "Open Letter to the Governor" to the Governor’s office, along with the names and cities of all 817 people that had signed the letter at that point. He knows a lot of people care about renewable energy in Missouri, and he’s deciding right now whether to protect Renewable Energy by vetoing SCR1, or to go along with the legislature’s attempt to erase all the progress made to date, sign SCR1 into law, and make our RES meaningless. 817 people is impressive, but my goal is 10,000 co-signers of the Open Letter, and today I need your help in getting there.

Will the Governor veto SCR1? Not if we don’t ask him to. Right now 817 people have signed the "Open Letter" to the Governor, asking him to veto SCR1. This is impressive, but not impressive enough. Now, 10,000 signers? THAT would capture his attention.

We need your help getting to over 10,000 co-signers of the Open Letter.

1. If you haven’t already, sign the Open Letter to the Governor:

2. Forward this email to everyone you know in Missouri who cares at all, or should care, about Clean Energy.
3. "Like" the Renew Missouri Facebook page at

4. Follow Renew Missouri on Twitter at
5. Anything else you can think to do to rev up the number of cosigners on the Open Letter to the Governor, asking him to please veto SCR1.

Thanks for your help.

PJ Wilson
Co-Director, Renew Missouri

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