Take Action Against Global Warming | Chevron To Pay $8 Billion!

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GreaterGood Network Take Action! Environment Edition

Tell Chevron To Clean Up The AmazonEarlier this week, a court in Ecuador fined the Chevron Corporation $8 billion for their part in contaminating the Amazon rainforest, an environmental catastrophe that has cost the lives of thousands of humans, plants, and animals. It is a huge first step towards holding the company accountable for their unconscionable actions in Ecuador, but the fight is far from over. Chevron plans to appeal the ruling, dragging an 18-year-old lawsuit on further, as well as denying their responsibility for their pollution.

If you have yet to add your name to our online petition to Urge Chevron to Clean Up its Oil Spill in the Amazon, please do so now. Increase your impact and share this action with your friends on Facebook by clicking the Recommend button on the petition page. Every signature will help bring this oil giant to justice: Act now!

Join The Fight Against Global Warming

Join The Fight Against Global WarmingThis week, the top climate official at the United Nations, Christiana Figureres, sent out another warning in regards to global warming. She said that unless the governments of the world start to address this issue, we could face irreversible damage to the planet, destroy crop yields, and cause extreme storms threatening the lives of an untold number of humans and animals. The question remains whether the U.S. government will finally take substantive steps towards reducing carbon emissions, and help protect plants, humans, and wildlife already struggling to survive the climate change, such as polar bears and walruses.

Urge Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to push forward a comprehensive global warming bill that will help provide protections for all living things on our planet and hopefully reverse this warming trend–before it is too late.

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