Glory Departs Feb 23 NASAs latest Climate Change Mission-

The NASA satellite Glory is set to launch into the Earths Atmosphere. The Glory Launch will further Climatologist study of Airborne Particles (Aerosols) and how they affect the the Earths Climate. They will be studying the ubiquitous particles (existing or being everywhere, especially at the same time; omnipresent) that directly influence the Climate by absorbing and reflecting the Sun’s Radiation.

The Aerosol Particles they will be examining are-" few nanometers, less than the width of the smallest viruses, to several tens of micrometers, about the diameter of human hair" The Aerosols are Created by: Aerosols, Gases that lead to Aerosol formation, Fossil Fuel Exhaust Gases, and Natural causes.

Godspeed and Good Luck to all those involved. {I’ll report the findings when they become available, Scotty}

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