Webinar Invitation: Business Sustainability through Safety: Live Webcast March 2

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Safety & Sustainability:
Manufacturing Excellence in a Changing World

Live Webinar 1 PM ET / 10 AM PT, March 2 – Free Ebook Download With Registration

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Today most companies claim to care about workplace safety, but some feel that sentiment is not always present in corporations' day-to-day operations. After a chain of high-profile accidents that have had both human and environmental costs, some large corporations have been accused of putting profits ahead of workers' safety. But the resulting accidents have instead cost those companies dearly. Shouldn't a safe, responsible operation also be a productive one? Posturing aside, what exactly is the relationship between safety and business sustainability?

To answer this question, the Sustainable Business Forum brings together an expert panel to explore the strategic connection between safety and sustainability, and suggest best practices. We invite you to read these contributions from leadership expert Ted Coine, Bruce Piasecki and Mark Coleman of the AHC Group, National Safety Council research director Mei-Li Lin, and Patricia Walters of Dupont's Crisis Management team in this new ebook report, then join us on March 2 for a live webcast to delve deeper into safety's strategic importance and get your own questions answered.

The thread running through each of these arguments is that, while building safety culture requires an initial investment, smart corporations view workplace safety as an essential driver of economic success. Download this ebook and join us for the webcast for fresh perspectives on:

  • How to mitigate potentially brand-killing safety crises
  • “Competing for sustainability” by broadening traditional definitions of risk
  • Building a safety culture through strong analytics and a commitment to continuous improvement
  • A focus on one company’s holistic approach to crisis management and its response to the 2009 H1N1 flu epidemic

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Jim Johnson is Group Vice President, Workplace Safety Initiatives for the National Safety Council, responsible for leading NSC advocacy initiatives to reduce deaths and injuries in the workplace. Jim partners with a diverse group of stakeholders to establish and promote best practices for safety and health systems that reduce risk, injuries and deaths. He is also responsible for the Council’s Workplace Safety businesses that support organizations in their journey to safety excellence, focusing on management leadership and employee engagement, safety management systems, risk reduction strategies, and performance measurement.

Dr. Bruce Piasecki is the president and founder of AHC Group, Inc., a management consulting firm specializing in energy, materials, and environmental corporate matters since 1981. Dr. Piasecki facilitates leadership workshop seminars focused on linking sustainability, enterprise risk and safety. He is the author of seven seminal books on business strategy, valuation, and corporate change, including the Nature Society’s book of the year, In Search of Environmental Excellence: Moving Beyond Blame. His articles have appeared in the Los Angeles Times, the Baltimore Sun, the MIT Technology Review, and more. His latest book, The Surprising Solution, is available online as an e-book.

Patricia B. Walters is a Public Affairs Consultant in Crisis Management for DuPont Global Public Affairs. Patti manages the many processes that maintain crisis management preparedness for DuPont worldwide. Over the years, she has established standards and developed guidelines for DuPont crisis management facilities, a database for housing global crisis team information, and a notification system to activate emergency response and crisis teams. Patti’s role involves guiding the crisis team leaders so they are in compliance with DuPont standards for crisis management plans and related materials. Her responsibilities also include developing and facilitating full-scale drills and tabletop exercises with the crisis teams.

Richard McGill Murphy moderates the Sustainable Business Forum. Murphy is a journalist and media consultant with 15 years of experience covering business, technology and international affairs. He writes for Fortune and BusinessWeek and serves as managing partner of Walled City Media LLC, a media strategy firm. Previously, he has worked as a top editor at Fortune Small Business and CNNMoney.com, and earlier served as editorial and program director at the Committee to Protect Journalists. He holds a bachelor’s degree in literature from Harvard and a doctorate in social anthropology from Oxford University.

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