A Personal Invitation to a Great Event!

On Thu, Feb 24, 2011 at 2:18 PM, Kateri Callahan — Alliance to Save Energy <kcallahan> wrote:

Dear Readers:

I write to personally invite you to the one event in 2011 that will feature leading policy makers, CEOs, energy ministers, academics and media from every corner of the globe all in one place — EE Global. It’s right around the corner — April 12-14, so I urge you to make plans now to be with me in Brussels, Belgium.

This is the one event where you can touch the latest energy efficiency innovations, meet face-to-face with decision makers, and hear from experts about topics ranging from the smart grid to innovative financing schemes ALL IN THE SAME HOUR! There is no other energy efficiency conference scheduled this year that offers you so much for so little cost and time. In fact, previous attendees claim that attending EE Global is akin to "getting a Master’s in energy efficiency in just two days!"

EE Global isn’t some big-idea conference where the word “change” is over-used and merely hypothetical. When we bring together businesses and NGOs with government, you see change happen. We know, we’ve witnessed it at every EE Global gathering to date where hundreds of the world’s leaders have explored new ideas, intersected to form lasting partnerships, and shared best practices to find new solutions. But these are not the only things that make EE Global special!

Here are my “Top 3” reasons for saying that you can’t afford to miss EE Global:

  1. The Solutions Showcase – you know what I said about touching the latest energy efficiency innovations? Well, this is where it happens. The eharper.
  2. An Incredible (and Growing Daily) Line-Up of Speakers – we bring the biggest names in energy efficiency to you. For example, EU Commissioner of Energy Günther Oettinger, the U.S. Ambassador to Finland Bruce Orek, and former Colorado Governor Bill Ritter are among the many luminaries who will address the plenary. We’ve got lots more to boast, so check the website, as the speaker roster continues to grow!
  3. You’ll Be Among the World’s Elite – as an official event of EU Sustainable Energy Week (EUSEW), we’ll be seeing a slew of extra foot traffic to our Solutions Showcase and have access to thousands more energy efficiency professionals and thought leaders throughout the EU. On top of this, we’re working with the League of Green Embassies to give an energy efficiency "makeover" to one of the oldest Ambassador residences in Europe. A delegation of Ambassadors will be on hand to not only attend EE Global, but join us as we unveil these amazing upgrades at EE Global! Lastly, EE Global is shaping up to be such an exciting event in large measure due to the support of luminaries from around the world who have helped us organize the event and the incredible roster of global businesses whose sponsorship is supporting the event.

I hope this “quick taste” of what we’re planning is enough to persuade you to join me in Brussels for EE Global. You truly do not want to miss this one event – the most important international energy efficiency gathering of 2011! I look forward to seeing you there.

Best Regards,

Kateri Callahan
President, Alliance to Save Energy

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