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From our friends at the Missouri Rural Crisis Center:

Protect the Property Rights of Thousands of Farm Families

Email Key Senators by Monday!

Tell Them to VOTE NO on SB 187, HB 209 & SB 278!

Senate Bill 187 & Senate Bill 278

Senate Bill 187 (introduced by Senator Lager), Senate Bill 278 (introduced by Senator Munzlinger) & House Bill 209 (introduced by Rep. Guernsey) would limit the rights of Missouri's family farmers, landowners and communities to protect their property rights through the court system from the negative impacts of corporate controlled Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs). This represents a "taking" or "condemnation" of one's personal property rights without just compensation, and creates a disincentive for factory farms to clean up their act and become good neighbors to farmers, farm families and rural citizens that have lived on their land for generations.

Senators should not be supporting this bill because it does not benefit the vast majority of citizens, farmers and landowners in the state. SB 187, SB 278 & HB 209 are clearly a CAFO protection bills that take away the property rights of the thousands of independently owned and operated family farms and rural landowners.


SB 187/SB 278/HB 209 would limit the constitutional rights of family farmers and rural landowners from protecting their property rights through the court system from the negative impacts of industrial livestock operations. The operations that would be protected by SB 187/SB 278/HB 209 are a small minority of CAFOs (concentrated animal feeding operations). Out of Missouri's 100,000+ farming operations, ½ of 1% are regulated as CAFOs.

In order to protect this very small minority of industrial livestock operations the majority of farmers and landowners will be left without adequate protection from the potential negative impacts of CAFOs.

SB 187/SB 278 are deceitful attempts to hide behind the majority of Missouri's independent family farms to protect CAFOs.SB 187, SB 278 & HB 209-

Please email your Senators here.

Key Senators:

Senator Victor Callahan: (573) 751-3074
Senator Maria Chappelle-Nadal: (573) 751-4106
Senator Jane Cunningham: (573) 751-1186
Senator Tom Dempsey: (573) 751-1141
Senator Kevin Engler: (573) 751-3455
Senator Jack Goodman: (573) 751-2234
Senator Tim Green: (573) 751-2420
Senator Jolie Justus: (573) 751-2788
Senator Joseph Keaveny: (573) 751-3599
Senator Will Kraus: (573) 751-1464
Senator Rob Mayer: (573) 751-3859
Senator Ryan McKenna: (573) 751-1492
Senator Brian Nieves: (573) 751-3678
Senator Mike Parson: (573) 751-8793
Senator Chuck Purgason: (573) 751-1882
Senator Jay Wasson: (573) 751-1503
Senator Robin Wright Jones: (573) 751-2606

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