Scotts Contracting House Coat Experience

When I first read about the House Coat Project sponsored by Cosign Projects and the Artist’s vision.  I thought this could be the next great innovative Green Building product that could possibly spark the Housing Industry and Create Jobs for American workers.

Of course I wanted to get involved.  So I contacted Ms Leeza Meskin and emailed her the info from the About Me web page which highlights my varied construction experience (which was a perfect match for her needs).

She responded in turn and went over the particulars about the Project and the Community involvement with Special Attention on the Safety of the Crew and House.  I listened to her Artistic Vision and pointed out the Basic Safety Issues with working on a Roof and explained that all the Exhaust Vents should remain un-obstructed ( Heater, Plumbing Stacks, Attic Ventilation, etc) for proper air movement.  I said her project was Do-Able and I’d do my best to assist in bringing her vision to Life.

In my prior Community Projects, the Crews always seemed to be made up of too many Bosses and too few of Workers.  (Leaving me one of the few who are actually working.)

To my complete surprise and amazement was how well Her Crew worked together to overcome any and all the Barriers of this One-Of-A-Kind Project to life.

In the following You Tube Video courtesy of Anya Meksin and Cosign Projects is a film full of the snippets of the complete process.  Note: the Dare Devil on the Roof with me is the Artist Ms Leeza Meskin herself.  (she did receive a crash course on roof safety, ropes, knots and hitches Figure 8, Bow-Line, Square Knot, Half  &  Clove Hitch, Snub Hitch, etc)

See the House Coat Video Here

In a Future Post I will outline the Installation and Removal Process and supply a few more links to  all those who made it the House Coat Project possible.  Stay Tuned.

Scotty, Scotts Contracting,


2 thoughts on “Scotts Contracting House Coat Experience”

  1. Scotty,
    Thank you so much for your hard work and amazing support of House Coat. It wouldn’t have been the same without you. Thank you so much for being an integral part of my dream coming to life.
    with lots of gratitude,


  2. Love the post Scottie! It was so great working with you. We will be recommending you to all our friends and will be in touch the next time we get in over our heads with another large scale project. Couldn’t have pulled it off without you. You are the best general contractor for artists in St. Louis. Hands Down!


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