Free e-booklet – ATOMIC ALCHEMY – The Nuclear Nightmare Exposed

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FEED YOUR BRAIN MAGAZINE and THE ENIGMA CHANNEL have teamed up to publish a 40 page PDF e-booklet which is being sent to 150,000 people worldwide – To get a FREE copy visit The Enigma Channel website, submit your email address and we shall send you the e-booklet straight to your email IN BOX.

Perhaps you are frustrated with the lack of detail regarding the POISONING OF THE AIR and PACIFIC OCEAN following the FUKUSHIMA NUCLEAR DISASTER? We’re not surprised – as many of the American TV Networks are owned (or partly owned) by corporations which also have shares in the NUCLEAR INDUSTRY. Annoyed at the BBC failing to provide impartial and detailed coverage of the latest Nuclear Nightmare – don’t be – the BBC governors serve the ROYAL ELITE in Briatin – and it is on CROWN ESTATES LAND that many of the British Nuclear Facilities have been built…

CHRIS EVERARD is a British Film Director and Author – he has been researching and making a new in-depth documentary entitled NUCLEAR NIGHTMARE since 2004 – and will also soon be publishing an updated article about FUKUSHIMA. Our hearts and minds go out in compassion for the Japanese people now freezing with no electricity or water – and we will continue in follow-up articles to track the NUCLEAR RADIATION which is now sweeping across the northern hemisphere.

FEED YOUR BRAIN MAGAZINE is not some hashed-up newsletter made from newspaper cuttings – it is a serious magazine covering subjects which are suppressed or even ridiculed by the mainstream media. If you support FREEDOM OF SPEECH – then please subscribe to either THE ENIGMA CHANNEL or FEED YOUR BRAIN MAGAZINE. Our magazine presents corroborrated evidence from various authors, archaeologists & researchers. Every issue contains 20 – 30 pages of full colour editorial, with dozens of photos – and is delivered directly to you via email in PDF format – ideal for displaying on iPADs, iPODs and iPhones – we’ll send you a free copy of SUPERSTATE, a 2 hour documentary, on DVD, if you subscribe for a whole year. An annual subscription costs just £12

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