Benefits of Westinghouse Solar Photovoltaic Systems

Westinghouse Solar Photovoltaic Systems Offers 

Maximum Lifetime Performance

With Enphase micro-inverters built right into each panels. Westinghouse delivers decades of powerful performance. Unlike ordinary solar panels where their power production varies from hour to hour, each Westinghouse Solar panel consistently operates at its maximum power potential. Additionally, these revolutionary panels continue to operate at maximum power even if one panel goes down compared to ordinary panels where the malfunction of one panel from shading or other failures takes down all of the panels. As a result, these revolutionary panels can perform 5% to 25% higher than ordinary panels.

Beautiful Appearance on Your Roof

No ugly external racks or dangling wires
No gaps between panels for a contiguous, smooth appearance
Westinghouse Solar Panels are beautiful, low profile, all black panels look like skylights
Only these Skylights Make $money$.

Award Winning

Westinghouse is recognized across the industry for its revolutionary design delivering the first major improvement to solar power in over thirty years.
Industry Recognized – Award Winning: Westinghouse is an Integrated Solar Power System

Built-in Reliability and Safety

No single point of system failure
Built-in electrical and ground connectors cannot loosen or be installed incorrectly
No dangerous 600 volt DC wiring
Shorter wire lengths are less likely to fail by pinching or abrading
70% fewer roof-assembled parts means a longer lasting system
25% fewer roof attachment points means greater roof integrity
Grounding process cannot skip panels, connectors will not wear or corrode

Authorized Distributor Westinghouse Solar St Louis Renewable Energy
Scotts Contracting-St Louis Renewable Energy

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