Earl Energy lights up $5M equity offering for miltary power options

Earl Energy lights up $5M equity offering for miltary power options
March 30th, 2011


An Earlcon systems

PORTSMOUTH, VA – Companies with a renewable energy focus are likely to get yet another boost in attention and backing following the Obama administration’s shoves in that direction and increasing focus on energy due to both Japan’s struggles with its nuclear plants and the disruptive political climate in the Middle East. One firm that may benefit is Earl Energy, a company owned and led by veterans that provides power plant engineering and energy management primarily to the military, has opened a $5 million equity offering.

One of the company’s signature products is its Earlcon: the Energy at Remote Locations Container, a fully configurable energy solution for the expeditionary environment. It is a family of rugged and rapidly deployable power generation systems that employ a combination of solar, wind and battery storage integrated with the latest generation of Tactical Quiet Generators .

Equipped with the Earl Energy Management System, a proprietary smart power distribution system that dynamically manages and prioritizes loads ensuring critical equipment, such as communications, surveillance, and other devices, receive continuous power where grid supplied power does not exist.

The company focuses on renewable energy sources and develops unique power systems for military needs. Those include a diesel-lithium battery field generator and a solar panel array.

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