ExxonMobil stresses on ‘energy efficiency’
Apr 3, 2011 Gulf News

ExxonMobil Qatar continued its sponsorship of the annual Qatar Petroleum Environment Fair 2011, which was held under the patronage of HE Dr Mohamed Saleh al-Sada, Minister of Energy and Industry at the Doha Exhibition Centre.

The objective of the fair was to create environmental awareness among employees working in the energy and industry with a special focus on young children, which in turn will have a positive effect for the whole community. Every year the event convenes a large number of companies from Qatar under a common theme and the theme for 2011 was, “Joining Hands for Environmental Protection”.

“As we take on the growing energy demands, we are also committed to safeguarding the environment. We are pleased to partner with Qatar Petroleum in creating a platform where companies can interact with young children and advise them on how best they can contribute to preserve the environment. The young generation must understand that energy is a limited resource and while Qatar is blessed with abundance, it is not to be taken for granted,” said Alex Dodds, president and general manager of ExxonMobil Qatar Inc.

As part of its support, ExxonMobil had a stand at the event, themed, “Energy Efficiency”. The stand was designed particularly to invite young children to come and learn more about conserving energy. During the fair, young visitors got activity books and colouring books with similar themes, as well.

“It is important for the younger generation to take up ownership and responsibility for the environment at an early age. Children can do these through very simple steps that can be a part of their daily routine. This could be as simple as turning off the lights when not in use or switching off the main power outlet for electronic devices on standby” added Adam Cantu, Safety, Security, Health and Environment Manager of ExxonMobil Qatar Inc.

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