The Effort to Restore Prop C Continues – MCE March Digest

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Clean Energy Program
Renew Missouri works to advance renewable energy and energy efficiency in Missouri.   
  • The Effort to Restore Prop C Continues

    . After many hours of hard work by the Renew Missouri team, there is nearly consensus on HB 613 that will ensure that renewable electricity withinfor Prop C – the MO RES should be "sold to Missouri" and not come solely from renewable energy credits.   

    Unfortunately, the fight isn't over. We continue to provide input and seek consensus to move the bill forward.  Right now, we're working to prevent rollbacks on the amount of renewable energy required under Prop C.  We anticipate that HB 613 will be voted out of committee next week.  Stay tuned – we'll need your help when the bill moves to the House floor.    

  • Thank you to Conservation Lobby Day participants who provided expert information to more than 100 state legislators on green building, renewable energy, state parks, and clean water. For pictures of this successful event, click here.



Clean Water Program 

The MCE Water Program works to promote Missouri's water quality, preserve and restore floodplains and wetlands, and advocate for sustainable stormwater management.

  • Effort to Improve Clean Water Permit Fees. At the 2011 Conservation Lobby Day, the MCE Clean Water Team led the efforts to persuade state legislators to support an increase in Water Permit Fees. Learn more.  
  • Unconstitutional Surety Bond Proposed by Senator Brad Lager. Senate Bill 423, which is one of three bills in the State Legislature designed to reinstate permit fees at stagnant 2000 levels, also includes a very troubling provision known as a surety bond requirement for permit appeals. The bill would require anyone challenging permits for projects that threaten their land, air, or water – like a casino in the floodplain near a conservation area or a coal ash landfill – to first post a bond for any theoretical lost business revenue or legal costs of the project's promoter. This could add up to millions and be an insurmountable hurdle for people with legitimate environmental concerns.
     Contact the following Senators in the to tell them this is entirely unacceptable. 

    Brad Lager, 12th, Chairman

    John Lamping, 24th, Vice-Chairman 

Mike Kehoe, 6th 

Jim Lembke, 1st 

Mike Parson, 28th 

Kurt Schaefer, 19th 

Bill Stouffer, 21st 

Tim Green, 13th 

Jolie Justus, 10th




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