Government Shutdown-Courtesy Roy Blunt-MO Sen

On Wed, Apr 6, 2011 at 12:31 PM, Roy Blunt <roy_blunt> wrote:

Dear Friend,

As you’ve probably seen on television or read in your local paper, Washington is facing a potential government shutdown this week. What’s at stake is funding our government for the short-term while making much-needed cuts to our budget. But what is lost in the news coverage is what the American people really care about: drastically reducing the size of government, reducing spending over the long-term, balancing the budget, and ensuring that America remains a prosperous nation.

I believe that a government shutdown is not the answer. But we have a responsibility to ensure Washington is living within its means, just like every family and job creator in Missouri and across America. On Monday night, House Republicans posted a bill that would keep the government open for a week after Friday’s deadline, while cutting $12 billion over the seven days. Yet Senate Democrats and President Obama failed to reach an agreement, raising the risk for our federal government to close at the end of this week.

Make no mistake – we’re in this predicament because Senate Democrats abdicated their duties and failed to pass a budget last year. The Senate Democrats’ unwillingness to come to the table to make real budget cuts is not a responsible solution, and wesimply cannot continue spending money that we don’t have.

This is a critical debate, which is why I wanted to give you a quick update today. I hope you’ll join me on Twitter or Facebook to stay connected and share your thoughts online.

Sincere regards,

Roy Signature

Here is my reply to the email I received from Mr Roy Blunt, Missouri Senator for the St Louis Area.

Dear Mr Blunt,

It would seem to me that the fastest way out of the current Economic situation that the Politicians in Washington have caused would be to Create Jobs and remove the Tax Advantages that the top percentile are not being required to pay- Remove the Government Sponsored Welfare.

With more people paying taxes from their wages it will ad to the Governments Coffers / Piggy Banks.

I encourage you and your fellow Republicans to Drop the we can’t deal with the Tea Party or Democrats and get these problems solved. There has to be a middle ground that each Party will support.

If all else fails: I say to cut the Politicians Pay Roll. How can you and your Partners in Crime justify your high salaries on the Backs of Joe Constituents? When our Salaries remain low from the Actions and In-Actions caused by the Regulations in Place.

Respectfully Submitted,



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