The EPA protects the American public; please protect the EPA and Small Business

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April 7, 2011

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Dear [recipient name was inserted here],

The House of Representatives is very likely to pass HR910, a bill that
could rob the Environmental Protection Agency of its power to regulate
harmful pollution. President Obama has indicated that he will veto any
such bill passed by Congress, but he needs the support of the Senate both
before such an action and also in the event of an override vote.

The Environmental Protection Agency’s Clean Air Act has brought decades of
health benefits to Americans without damaging the economy or our ability
to generate electrical power. But HR910 threatens to undo this progress,
make us more rather than less dependent on fossil fuels, and prevent the
agency from obeying the Supreme Court’s order to regulate carbon emissions.

Senator, when presented with the opportunity to vote on a Senate version
of HR910, please cast your vote for the health of the environment and the
American people. Please vote against any bill that seeks to undermine the

I’d also like to add: My current project: Installing an Energy Efficient
Roof System per DOE Guidelines on a Home in Sunset Hills, MO 63127. The
proposed roof system will have estimated rvalue: R40, an increase of R30
when compared to the existing roof. Because the Funding was reduced for
Energy Efficient Up-Grades via the Recovery Act Funding Reduction of 2010.

The Total Cost could exceed the Budget for the Home Owner- Even though I
have reduced my labor/installation charges by 20% because it is a Green
and Sustainable Project. I can’t lower my prices any more and pay the
required taxes for all those involved or expect my crew of 5 workers for
the proposed project to work for less pay. Something has to give in re to
the Governments plans on Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Solutions.

The homeowner is also interested in a Photovoltaic System to generate
Clean Non-Polluting Energy that has no negative Side Affects- Such as
Nuclear Waste.

I feel as if the Politicians are driving the small business people into a

Here is what I propose:

It would seem to me that the fastest way out of the current
Economic situation that the Politicians in Washington have caused would be
to Create Jobs and remove the tax advantages that the top percentile are
not being required to pay- Remove the Government Sponsored Welfare. With
more people paying taxes from their wages it will ad to the Governments
Coffers / Piggy Banks, and more people will have money to spend on Goods
and Services. Thus creating the income needed to keep the Country Afloat
while improving the bottom line.

An old Businessman Told me once: “You can charge high prices and stay a
little busy or you can charge lower prices and stay really busy and make
more money” The same holds true in this situation. Example: I’d love to
donate to your Political Ambitions but the extra money I would have
donated has went to the higher gasoline costs at the Gas Pumps, currently
$3.69/gal in South City, MO.

I encourage you and your fellow Law Makers to Drop the we can’t deal with
the Other Party’s and get these problems solved. There has to be a middle
ground that each Party will support.

If all else fails: I say to cut the Politicians and Law Makers Pay Roll.
How can you and your Partners in Crime justify your high salaries on the
Backs of Joe Constituents? When our Salaries remain low from the Actions
and In-Actions caused by the Regulations in Place.

Scott’s Contracting

“Monthly Energy Review” by the U.S. Energy Information Administration
(EIA), nuclear power and renewable energy sources are now neck-in-neck
with nuclear power’s share of domestic energy production dropping while
that from renewable sources growing rapidly.

The share of domestic U.S. energy production derived from renewable energy
sources (i.e., biomass/biofuels, geothermal, solar, water, wind) rose to
10.92% in 2010, up from 10.65% in 2009. By comparison, nuclear power’s
share of domestic energy production dropped from 11.48% in 2009 to 11.26%
in 2010.

Sincerely Disgusted,


-Find Your Representatives-Republican or Democrat, and Let Your Voice BE HEARD! Active Participation is Suggested– Click here to Tell my Politician

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