Disgusted with the Politicians

? not happy with the Politicians and their Back Room Deals with Big Oil, Big Coal, and Big Business.  I suggest to everyone to check out the site.  It is full of valuable information about who is donating and to whom.  After viewing the information- You to will then have an idea (A-Ha Moment!!!) of why the politicians vote as they do.

In regard to Climate Change and Global Warming– the Biggest Polluters Donate the most money to the Politicians.  The Majority of the Republican Party receives Donations (Numbering in the Millions) to their piggy banks in the form of Lobbying $ Money $, campaign re-election funds, etc

The only viable solutions I can see is to: 

1) End lobbying activities by Big Business;
2) Don’t Vote Republican (in the upcoming elections-I will be voting a Straight Democratic Ticket for the 1st time in my life- and I personally am still in shock when I say this);
3)Get serious about Reducing Energy Use– by Weatherization, Recycling, and Renewable Energy in your Home and Work.


Green Me UP-Scotty

PS: a house is built one piece at a time, each stage of the Building Process is built on the preceding one. The same technique can be applied to Building a Less Polluted and Better World for everyone.

Article also posted here:  http://www.sodahead.com/united-states/corporations-or-politicians-hurting-america/question-1452293/comment-54728007/ and Repower America

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