Good News for Our Health

Thank President Obama for Protecting our Health!

Take Action!

Dear Scotts Contracting,

What a week.

In the midst of intense political wrangling over the federal budget, anti-environmental lawmakers tried to sneak in some nasty surprises — like gutting the Clean Air Act and handcuffing the Environmental Protection Agency’s ability to protect our water, air and health.

But we stood up and made our voice heard. You sent over 60,000 comments in just a few days to President Obama and your members of Congress, demanding that they keep vital health and environmental protections.

Thank President Obama for his leadership standing up to polluters and protecting public health.

Our lawmakers heard us. Last night, Republican and Democratic leaders reached a temporary compromise on the federal budget bill in the eleventh hour, allowing the federal government to stay open while the final budget is voted on. This bill appears to be free of any of the “riders” that would have gutted the Clean Air Act, stripped the EPA’s ability to protect our health, and allowed the practice of mountaintop removal to continue unregulated.

But the fight isn’t over. Corporate polluters and their friends in Congress will continue their attacks on essential health and environmental protections.

Send an email to President Obama thanking him for his leadership — and encourage him to stand strong in this ongoing fight.

Thank you again for making your voice heard this week. Your actions made a huge difference and helped to protect our water, air and health.

Sarah Hodgdon
Sierra Club Conservation Director

P.S. We want President Obama to hear from as many people as possible. Please forward this message and help spread the word, or click the buttons below to share this message on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter:



Sierra Club
85 Second St.
San Francisco, CA 94105


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