Attic Insulation and Attic Energy Solutions

-Attic Insulation-I’ve put a little information to help assist in explaining ‘Attic Insulation for a Home’. I take a whole house approach to improve a Home’s Energy Reduction Needs. The Attic Area and Attic insulation being just one area.  In the old days contractors just blew the insulation into the attic. Now, I suggest that any

  • Air Infiltration areas be resolved before adding insulation- Stop the Air (Hot or Cold) From Entering or Leaving a Home.

    • This includes: proper attic ventilation, ceiling protrusions(Light Boxes / Ceiling Fan), access points, mechanical and electric points, Attic Knee Walls, Obtrusions, etc
    • Adding Radiant Barriers for Existing Buildings-in a nutshell this bounces the Exterior Temperature back outside.
    • Attached to the Underneath Side of Existing Rafters
    • Option 1:Double Reflective R-Values range from R-3.7 to R-17
    • Attic Add Insulation to meet Suggested Guidelines
    • When used in conjunction with a Radiant Barrier-Cost of Insulation is reduced and thickness / weight of insulation is reduced.
    • When we come over to perform an estimate. 
      1. We will inspect for the above mentioned problem areas. 
      2. Discuss the various solutions. 
      3. Next, I’ll determine the Materials and Labor Needed to Complete and Fix the Areas Quoted in the Project. 
      4. I’ll then submit a Project Proposal that will discuss project in detail. 
      5. Answer any Questions, Explain Procedures, and determine the least obtrusive time to Weatherize your Home.

    Looking forward to meeting you and discussing the ways I can help with Lowering your Energy Bills.

    Build Green,
    ps: Home Depot as Material Supplier

    Energy Star Government Suggestion for (Reference Links Below)
    w/ no insulation Add Insulation to achieve=R38 to R60
    If existing 3-4 inches Add Insulation to achieve=R38
    Suggested needed Rvalue of Insulation on Attic Floor=R25 to R30

   I will Save You $Money$!!!!  



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