Another Example-GOP Out of Touch With America

I ask myself what is the big deal with stopping Pollution from Fossil Fuels and GHG’s? 

? Doesn’t everyone want to be healthy? 

Why is it wrong to Protecting the Environment? 

? Do the Republicans understand that when they cut health care and then Remove Environmental Safe Guards that “We the People” could get sick and then not have any access to Health Care because they have DE-Funded the Programs?

Ms Lisa Jackson, Administrator for the EPA cites:
  • 60 percent of Americans believe the E.P.A. “needs to hold polluters accountable,”

  • 75% of Americans favor tougher regulations on pollution in order to protect our air and water

  • the contamination of our soil and water is the #1 issue for Americans

These are just some of the questions I asked myself.  To attempt to learn why the GOP is so Short-Sighted and not protecting the America they say they so strongly care for. I started looking and searching into why the Republicans are voting the way they are.

Through the Power of the Internet (which they are also trying to curtail) I found the Open Secrets Web Site. is your nonpartisan guide to money’s influence on U.S. elections and public policy. Whether you’re a voter, journalist, activist, student or interested citizen, use our free site to shine light on your government. Count cash and make change

I Found out who the Top Oil and Gas Contributors were in 2009-2010.  In the graph below you will see the Republicans in RED and the Democrats in BLUE and you can see for yourself which party receives the Largest Contributions.

I don’t own a Calculator that will add figures into the Multi Billions of Dollars.  What I do know is that if the Oil and Gas Companies have that much money to spend on Lobbying the Republican Party;  Then “We the People” are getting screwed over when we pay to fill up at the Gas Pumps.

If they weren’t Lobbying Multi Billion Dollars to Buy the Republican Party OFF to vote for Dirty Fossil Fuels and decreased Regulations on GHG’s our/ “We the People” Gas Prices Would be Lower. 

I feel this is a personal assault against the Average American and Small Business.  We are the Major Supporters of the US Government through the Taxes that are levied against our paychecks and through the Goods and Services we depend on. 

Through the News Networks: CNN, HLN, CNBC I’ve learned that the Major Corporations are not paying their fair share of Taxes.  So this leaves “We the Average Citizens” paying more taxes to support the “Wasteful Government Spending”

I don’t have a solution but I do know that there needs to be some changes made in the way our Government operates.

Here are just some of the things I do and are planning to do and urge all concerned American Citizens to the same.

  1. I will vote a Straight Democratic Ticket for the First Time in my Life in the Up-Coming Elections.  (I don’t agree with many of their views but the Alternative is Worse.)
  2. I have contacted my Government Representatives through this web site and let my voice be heard- I suggest that Every Concerned American Do The Same
  3. Stay Active in the Political Discussions.  I post frequent Articles on my Web Sites: St Louis Renewable Energy and Scotts Contracting  That highlight the GOP Republicans attempts to undermine and drive the Average American into the Poor House.
  4. Stay Informed on the Issues that are Affecting American and re-peat 2 above.  If your Elected Leaders do not know on how you stand on the issues, How will they support your views and Vote on the Issues you Support?
    • When Listening to the Republicans on TV and Radio- Don’t let their slick tongues distort the real issues- “Listen and Watch“- while reading between the Lines.
  5. Because of the way Lobbying Activities Work in Washington there needs to be additional safeguards enacted to protect “We the Americans” from the Major Corporations who are gaining- more and more power, and removing the protections that the Average American Depends upon.
Contributor Amount
Koch Industries $1,931,562
Exxon Mobil $1,337,058
Chief Oil & Gas $1,192,361
Chevron Corp $937,964
Marathon Oil $678,290
Valero Energy $636,500
Occidental Petroleum $575,900
Devon Energy $507,250
Williams Companies $491,685
Chesapeake Energy $467,056
ConocoPhillips $462,204
Independent Petroleum Assn of America $459,500
Anadarko Petroleum $443,260
American Gas Assn $386,400
Halliburton Co $314,280
Pilot Corp $290,567
Tesoro Petroleum $277,883
Society of Indep Gasoline Marketers $274,000
Bass Brothers Enterprises $247,465
Petroleum Marketers Assn $243,900

For additional ideas on:

  1. Reducing GHG’s
  2. Becoming Energy Efficient
  3. Saving $ on Energy Costs
  4. Government Reform
  5. Clean Energy Jobs

Take the Poll on Where the Energy Will Come From for Your Property in the Future:
Feel Free to use the Links Below.

Scott’s Contracting

Green Me UP-Scotty

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