Could this be why our Gasoline Costs are so High Priced?

Oil and Gas: Lobbying Background

For Months I have been preaching about Dirty Energy Politics and quoting information I’ve been viewing from yet for some reason I’ve not received many responses to the Article Posts on the Sustainable Building Blogs I operate and

So with this post I’ve included everything from the open secrets web site in one easy to use point of reference. As you will see the various lobbying organizations are spending Millions of Dollars Influencing our Elected Leaders.

Do Dirty Environmental Polluters Speak For You?

They don’t speak for me either.  So Join me in the battle to reduce Climate Change created by the Biggest Polluters and the Lobbying Organizations that buy off the Politicians in office.

I myself don’t have the lobbying power that these organizations do.

So I took the next best step and joined a movement called 350 and

created with the organizations assistance created a group for St Louis.

Here are the details I’ve worked out so far:

A new Meetup has been posted in the 350 of St Louis Community

Here are the details for “Let’s meet in Saint Louis, MO”:


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I am only one person in the big clog of life and need your help. Use the above links to join me in the fight against the unscrupulous individuals and companies that are polluting the Air we Breath, Water we Drink, and the Land we all depend upon for our daily substance.
This applies to both the Veggies and Meaties
          Now on with the promised information about the Lobbying Activities of the Oil and Gas Industries

        This industry, which includes multinational and independent oil and gas producers and refiners, natural gas pipeline companies, gasoline service stations and fuel oil dealers, has long enjoyed a history of strong influence in Washington. Individuals and political action committees affiliated with oil and gas companies have donated $238.7 million to candidates and parties since the 1990 election cycle, 75 percent of which has gone to Republicans.

        Though former oilmen George W. Bush and Dick Cheney occupied the White House for eight years, the oil and gas industry could not win support for repealing bans on drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. However, Congress voted in 2008 to lift a ban on offshore drilling. These companies are also wary of cap-and-trade climate change legislation, such as the measure Democratic President Barack Obama supports. Yet Obama still received $884,000 from the oil and gas industry during the 2008 campaign, more than any other lawmaker except his Republican opponent, Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.).

        Obama appeared poised to usher in more offshore drilling expansion in 2010 — until the explosion of a BP-operated oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico that resulted in millions of gallons of fossil fuels to leak into the coastal waters of Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi and Florida. The environmental toll has been significant, and industries such as tourism and fishing have suffered. Politically, the Obama administration has delayed plans to expand offshore drilling in many areas, and Congress is mulling whether to pass legislation aimed at avoiding another disaster of similar scope.

        In contrast to former President Bush’s largely pro-industry stance on energy and environmental issues, the Democratic-controlled White House and Congress will probably grant these companies fewer favors. Bush consistently rolled back Clinton-era restrictions on commercial uses of federal lands—including nature preserves, national forests and national monuments. To the oil and gas industry’s delight, he got one step closer in March 2005 when Senate Republicans passed a budget resolution containing a filibuster-proof provision to allow for drilling in ANWR.
        Oil and gas companies are always among the industries to spend the most on lobbying, pouring $132.2 million into these efforts in 2008 alone.
        — Aaron Kiersh and Dave Levinthal
        Updated June 2010

        Feel free to distribute or cite this material, but please credit the Center for Responsive Politics.

        Oil and Gas

        Industry Profile, 2010

        Total for Oil and Gas: $146,577,043
        Total Number of Clients Reported: 195
        Total Number of Lobbyists Reported: 788
        Total Number of Revolvers: 500 (63.5%)
        . Campaign Contributions from this industry

        View totals by: Client/Parent | Subsidiary/Affiliate

        Client/Parent Total
        ConocoPhillips $19,626,382
        Chevron Corp $12,890,000
        Exxon Mobil $12,450,000
        Royal Dutch Shell $10,370,000
        Koch Industries $8,070,000
        BP $7,335,000
        American Petroleum Institute $7,300,000
        Anadarko Petroleum $5,150,000
        Marathon Oil $5,130,000
        Williams Companies $4,900,000
        America’s Natural Gas Alliance $3,360,000
        Chesapeake Energy $2,776,560
        National Petrochemical & Refiners Assn $2,764,909
        Occidental Petroleum $2,582,989
        Murphy Oil $2,410,000
        Devon Energy $1,380,000
        Apache Corp $1,310,000
        Noble Energy $1,290,000
        National Propane Gas Assn $1,200,000
        Independent Petroleum Assn of America $1,185,774
        Interstate Natural Gas Assn of America $1,140,000
        Sunoco Inc $1,120,000
        Hess Corp $1,100,000
        Spectra Energy $1,083,509
        El Paso Corp $1,076,718
        American Gas Assn $980,000
        Kosmos Energy $890,000
        Tesoro Corp $870,300
        Energy Transfer Equity $850,000
        Weatherford International $840,000
        Reliance Industries Ltd $760,000
        Petroleum Marketers Assn $685,000
        Valero Energy $644,000
        Gas Technology Institute $625,000
        Plains Exploration & Production $600,000
        Shallow Water Energy Security Coalition $545,000
        Transocean Inc $540,000
        Denbury Resources $540,000
        PDVSA $470,000
        TMT Group $470,000
        Enbridge Pipelines/Lakehead Pipeln Ptnrs $440,000
        Cobalt International Energy $430,000
        Hercules Offshore $420,000
        National Fuel Gas Corp $400,000
        Natural Gas Supply Assn $370,455
        Enbridge Energy Partners $350,000
        Halliburton Co $345,000
        Quintana $300,000
        Soc of Ind Gasoline Marketers of America $300,000
        Statoil ASA $298,500
        Gas Processors Assn $270,000
        Bass Enterprises Production $270,000
        Ansaldo Energia $270,000
        Doyon Drilling Inc $265,000
        Ad Hoc Deep Water Expl/Production Cltn $260,000
        Gas Natural SDG SA $250,000
        Domestic Petroleum Council $240,000
        Atlas Energy $240,000
        ATP Oil & Gas $240,000
        Nexen Inc $240,000
        Enterprise Products Partners $236,000
        Arctic Slope Regional Corp $235,000
        Magellan Midstream Partners $232,385
        Cheniere Energy $230,000
        Syntroleum Corp $219,000
        Anschutz Corp $200,000
        Frontier Oil $200,000
        Lansdale Co $200,000
        Hunt Consolidated $200,000
        Nicor Inc $200,000
        Oceaneering Intl $200,000
        CNX Gas Corp $192,500
        CenterPoint Energy $190,000
        BG Group $190,000
        EnCana Corp $190,000
        Kinder Morgan Inc $190,000
        Assn of Oil Pipe Lines $184,400
        Nabors Industries $180,000
        Helix Energy Solutions $180,000
        TransCanada Corp $180,000
        US Turkmenistan Business Council $180,000
        In Situ Oil Sands Alliance $170,000
        Industrial Safety Training Council $160,000
        Mitsui Oil Exploration Co $160,000
        Arrow General Supplies & Services Co $160,000
        AGL Resources $160,000
        Sinclair Oil $160,000
        American Public Gas Assn $155,000
        Nustar Energy $152,500
        ONEOK Inc $150,000
        Questar Corp $150,000
        Intl Assn of Drilling Contractors $150,000
        Michigan Consolidated Gas Co $140,000
        National Oilheat Research Alliance $140,000
        Southwest Gas $140,000
        National Oilwell Varco $137,500
        US Oil & Gas Assn $129,195
        XTO Energy $120,000
        Tellus Operating Group $120,000
        Gulf LNG Energy $120,000
        Countrymark Cooperative $120,000
        Gary-Williams Energy $120,000
        Ergon Inc $120,000
        Excelerate Energy $120,000
        Kern Oil & Refining Co $110,000
        Marion Energy $110,000
        Vulcan Energy $110,000
        Tidewater Inc $100,000
        Strata Production $100,000
        Hyperion Resources $100,000
        Hornbeck Offshore Services $100,000
        Seminole Energy Services $100,000
        Oilfield Services & Drilling Indus Cltn $100,000
        Gilbarco Inc $100,000
        Great Point Energy $100,000
        Alliance Pipeline $100,000
        CSA America $90,000
        Oklahoma Independent Petroleum Assn $90,000
        Vitol Inc $90,000
        Independent Petroleum Assn/Mountn States $85,000
        DaVinci Hourani $85,000
        Denali-The Alaska Gas Pipeline $80,000
        Enstar Natural Gas $80,000
        Falck Alford Services $80,000
        Energen Corp $80,000
        National Stripper Well Assn $80,000
        Natural Gas Pipeline Company of America $80,000
        US Oil $80,000
        NATSO $78,973
        Ohio Oil & Gas Assn $70,000
        Alon USA Energy $70,000
        Talisman Energy $70,000
        New England Fuel Institute $67,000
        Oil Oxidizer $60,000
        Aegean Oil & Environmental Corp $60,000
        Encore Acquisition $60,000
        Sigma $60,000
        Natural Gas Vehicle Coalition $52,500
        Colonial Pipeline $50,000
        Frank Reidy $50,000
        Alberta Energy $50,000
        Navajo Nation Oil & Gas Co $40,000
        Oil Shale Exploration $40,000
        QEP Resources $40,000
        Iroquois Gas Transmission System $40,000
        McDermott International $40,000
        Alaska Natural Gas Development Authority $37,494
        AES Corp $30,000
        BakkenLink Pipeline $30,000
        Western States Petroleum Assn $30,000
        Washington Gas Light Co $28,000
        Camelot Oil & Gas Development $20,000
        Alyeska Pipeline Service $20,000
        Green Earth Fuels $20,000
        DeepStar Project $20,000
        Mariner Energy $20,000
        NIC Holding $20,000
        UNEV Pipeline $19,500
        Trenton Fuel Works $10,000
        Western Independent Refiners Assn $10,000
        TORP Technology $10,000
        Texas Alliance of Energy Producers $10,000
        Northern Star Natural Gas $10,000
        Elkem Holding Inc $10,000
        American Assn of Petroleum Geologists $10,000
        Colonial Oil Industries $10,000
        Boardwalkd Pipelines $0
        Bradwood Landing $0
        C&C Technologies $0
        Cabot Oil & Gas $0
        Delta Petroleum $0
        Fleishman-Hillard Inc $0
        NSTAR $0
        Seven Seas Petroleum $0
        Petro-Hunt LLC $0
        Montana Refining Co $0
        National Assn of Shell Marketers $0
        National Cooperative Refinery Assn $0
        Independent Fuel Terminal Operators Assn $0
        Gulf South Pipeline Co $0
        Stanley Energy $0
        NOTE: All lobbying expenditures on this page come from the Senate Office of Public Records. Data for the most recent year was downloaded on January 31, 2010.

        Feel free to distribute or cite this material, but please credit the Center for Responsive Politics. For permission to reprint for commercial uses, such as textbooks, contact the Center.


        Oil and Gas Lobbyist-Client

        Total Number of Lobbyists Reported: 788*
        Total Number of Revolvers: 500 (63.5%)

        Lobbying Firm/Registrant
        National Assn of Truck Stop Operators
        El Paso Corp
        America’s Natural Gas Alliance
        Shell Oil
        Marathon Oil
        Chevron Corp
        Interstate Natural Gas Assn of America
        National Assn of Truck Stop Operators
        Noble Energy
        12345617 Next
        * Actual number of individual lobbyists. This number may be different from the total number of records as lobbyists may be associated with more than one lobbying firm.

        Feel free to distribute or cite this material, but please credit the Center for Responsive Politics. For permission to reprint for commercial uses, such as textbooks, contact the Center.

        If these stats and numbers sicken your stomach as much as they do mine and you question as to why our Trusted Leaders are Failing to Listen to the Constituents and failing to enact solutions to the everyday struggles that “We the People” are going thru in our daily lives as we are struggling to fill the gas tank and heat/cool our homes.
        Then you are perfect person for the  
        St Louis Community
        Join Me in the Fight Against The Biggest Polluters!

        Scott’s Contracting

        Green Me UP-Scotty


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