Ameren Shareholders Meeting Protest- Facebook UP-Date

from: Ed Smith1:13pm Apr 18th
Subject: Ameren Nuclear Debate

Hello all,

Thanks for signing up to attend the Ameren shareholders protest. There are two easy things you can do to help us get ready for this awesome event.

1) Take 10 minutes and invite your friends to come to the shareholders protest. Go to the event page and the button to invite friends is underneath the picture. This will help get more folks to the protest!

2) Folks are gathering at the Missouri Coalition for the Environment office to make signs for the event TONIGHT!

When: 4/18/2011 @ 7pm
Where: 6267 Delmar Blvd # 2E, St. Louis, MO 63130

The door is right next to Meshuggah Cafe.

All you have to bring is your great ideas and we will have the supplies.

If nothing else, I will see you all next week for the protest!

Ed Smith

Scott’s Contracting

Green Me UP-Scotty


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