Tax Day for US-Payday for Big Oil.

Oil Change International
Dear Scotts Contracting,

It may be tax day for you and me, but it’s payday for Big Oil.

In fact, many oil companies will get paid twice today. Exxon, for example, despite making billions in profit last year, paid no taxes and actually received more than $150 million in rebates from the IRS.

Like the other oil companies, Exxon will then take their share of your taxes – totaling at least $10 billion annually in subsidies to the whole industry – and laugh all the way to the Bank. (That Bank is also likely not paying its taxes, but that’s another story…)

How does Big Oil get away with this? By investing shrewdly – in the U.S. Congress. In the last election, oil, gas, and coal interests gave more than $25 million in campaign contributions. In return they got over $10 billion in government handouts. That’s a pretty impressive rate of return, and it comes at our expense.

Oil Change International is dedicated to exposing and ending this cycle of Dirty Energy Money. We are leading a powerful and growing coalition of organizations dedicated to ending all government handouts to Dirty Energy, and demanding that our Representatives reject campaign contributions from these polluters. We need your help to take this campaign to the next level.

As the national debate focuses on cutting wasteful spending, there has never been a better moment to run this campaign, and we are determined to make an impact on business and government as usual over the next year. As I write this, thousands of students from around the country are meeting with Members of Congress and demanding that they stop taking campaign contributions from oil, gas, and coal companies. We’re helping them and others by building tools and providing information and infrastructure we all need to hold our Representatives accountable.

Please donate today to help clean up the Dirty Energy Money in Washington.

You’ll be a lot happier about the results of our work together than you will with your tax dollars going to Big Oil. I promise.


Steve Kretzmann
Executive Director
Oil Change International

Oil Change International campaigns to expose the true costs of fossil fuels and facilitate the coming transition towards clean energy. We are dedicated to identifying and overcoming barriers to that transition.

We are a 501c3 organization and all donations are fully tax deductible.

Check out our blog at and find out how much oil and coal money your Representatives take at


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