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Missouri Renewable Energy Bill moves to the House Floor

Your Calls Needed NOW!

HCS HB 613 which reinstates portions of the voter enacted Renewable Electricity Standard will be heard on the Floor of the Missouri House of Representatives this week.

After many hours of hard work by the Renewable Energy Committee a consensus was reached. But, efforts to weaken the bill are still a major threat.

The bill is weaker than the original Prop C language, but it will ensure an increase in development of Missouri’s renewable energy industry.

It also ensures that renewable energy will be "sold to Missouri consumers" thus creating economic development in Missouri rather than the utility buying renewable energy credits from anywhere in the world.

Renew Missouri considers this version of the bill and the compromises made so for the bare minimum we can accept. We will work to improve the bill, but any further weakening of the standards will render the bill too weak to make a significant impact.

For further bill details, visit:

Please call your State Representative today to request

the bill move forward with no further weakening!

Call your House Legislator and explain:

1. It is critical to move HCS HB 613 forward with no weakening amendments so the Renewable Electricity Standard can finally be implemented.

2. Remind them that the Prop C – the MO RES passed by 66% of the voters in 2008.

3. Ask them to support the Renewable Energy Standards Bill 613 for clean energy and Missouri jobs!

To locate your legislator’s phone number or email, please follow and insert your zip code.

And lastly, please email me so I can track our legislative outreach efforts.


Carla Klein

Renew Missouri

Clean Energy Coordinator

Scott’s Contracting

Green Me UP-Scotty


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