Business Proposal-Concentrated Solar Power

CSP-Design will enable every homeowner an option for Inexpensive Photovoltaic System for their Home or Business.

Lets Make Producing Solar Energy Affordable for Every Budget!

Business Proposal1

In many of the calls from people who desire a solar photovoltaic system for their property I have found that the biggest hurdles to overcome are:
  • Total Costs of the System (Thousands of dollars that do not produce as reasonable return on the investment that is under 15 years) and or
  • Their Property Lacks the Area Needed (Total square footage of roof space) to install a field of solar panels that are needed to generate the required electricity to supply the needs of their building.

The CSP (Concentrated Solar Power) design I have been engineering and designing will overcome both of these hurdles and can be adapted for any roofing system and ground mount capabilities.

This Business Proposal is open to: People, Groups, and Organizations who are not affiliated with the following industries: fossil fuels or nuclear.
I am not trying to re-invent2 the wheel with my design and plan to adapt and use various individual components from the leaders in the photovoltaic industry that are currently on the market today.
To make this invention a viable solution and bring the product to market. I am seeking investors who are interested in assisting me with this project. To include:
  1. Monetary donations
  2. Copyright and assistance in establishing a corporation.
  3. Engineering assistance to fine tune the CSP design that will include real-world stats on the electrical output that is generated from the CSP system.
  4. Manufacturing assistance once the final design is configured.
At this stage in building the promotional model. I am relatively confident that I can build the system between $400.00-$1,000.00 and it will supply the same electrical output of a a system that uses 3-4 solar panels. This is a savings of 66% when compared to the costs of current solar panels on the market today.
I am still working out the percentages of income that investors are entitled to, and am not seeking monetary donations at this time. If you would like to learn more about the offering use and I will return any inquires for this offering.
View the Confidentiality Agreement

1Initial Exploratory Public Offering For CSP Design-4/17/2011 This heading was changed- to Business Proposal 4/22/11- I do not own a publicly traded company.

2Archimedes was the first Concentrated Solar Designer and many companies and individuals have improved upon these principles

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