Available Solar Systems

  • Westinghouse Solar,
  • Solar World, 
  • Kyocera, 
  • Schott, 
  • Schuco, 
  • Sanyo, 
  • Suniva, 
  • Suntech, 
  • Canadian Solar, 
  • GE Solar, 
  • Lumeta, 
  • SoloPower plus many more.  

I have the products you need for your next Solar Project -at the prices you can afford.
Lowest Margins – Fastest Delivery – Full Service

Micro-Inverters (Enphase and 2 other new brands coming soon!), Micro-Converters (EIQ), Large Inverters (many brands & sizes)
Uni-Rack & Other excellent Racking & Tracking Solutions
Buy in USA, ARRA products ready to go.  Special Engineering Services available with Purchase!
Need complete systems or High efficient modules?  Scotts Contracting-St Louis Renewable Energy can provide all the solutions you need.

Grant or Incentive assignments possible on case by case basis.

Scott's Contracting

Green Me UP-Scotty



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