Senate Bill 321 =Nuclear Energy Rate Hike Bill

that has migrated into other bills allows Ameren Missouri to raise electric customer rates $45 million to subsidize an early site permit for a second nuclear reactor.

MCE opposes any legislation allowing investor-owned utilities, like Ameren Missouri, to erode the ban against charging ratepayers for a power plant before it is operational. The ban on "Construction Work in Progress" charges or CWIP has protected Missouri ratepayers since voters passed it in 1976. Language circulating in Jefferson City by Senator Mike Kehoe and Rep. Jeanie Riddle gives Ameren Missouri the ability to raise electricity rates $45 million now for an "early site permit" for a second nuclear reactor. The $45 million rate hike creates no jobs, provides no service, and the reactor may never be built. Socializing the financial risk of nuclear power for a corporation’s private profits does not serve Missourians’ interests.

You can help by calling your legislators and urging them to oppose Ameren Missouri’s $45 million rate hike for an early site permit. Learn more at

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