If for some reason I’m not wisked away in the upcoming Rapture on May 21st 2011.  I’ll be available for your Green Building Needs in St Louis.  email: scottscontracting@gmail.com about your project.

With Cooling season is approaching- Proper Insulation Levels in your Attic coupled with Ventilation will save you $ on your Summer Time Cooling Bills.

Certified Insulation Installer for: Batt Type, Spray Foam, Loose Fill-
Green and Eco Friendly options are always available.

US Department of Energy and the Green Building Initiative quote that by having:
  “Proper Attic Insulation will save 40% on 
your Summer Time Cooling Costs”.
  • Example:  5 months of Cooling Bills= $750 – 40%= $450
  • Savings of $300 
  • When added to winter time savings your Insulation will pay for itself in under 2 years for a standard size home.
There are additional benefits to adding insulation to your home.  If you would like to know more feel free to email: scottscontracting@gmail.com for additional information and to schedule a Green Site Evaluation.

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