Germany Can Get Rid of Nuclear Power, Why Can’t the US?

Germany Can Get Rid of Nuclear Power,
Why Can’t the US?

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If Germany Can Get Rid of Nuclear Power,
Why Can’t the US?

Nuclear Power? No Thanks!


Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor, will be in Washington DC next week to meet with President Obama. But she won’t be talking to him about Germany’s bold decision to shut all 17 of its nuclear power plants by 2022 and create an 80% renewable energy program by 2050.

That’s too bad because Germany, the world’s 4th largest economy, is about to leave the US in the technological dust, taking the lead – and the profits – in the Renewable Renaissance. Meanwhile, the U.S. clings on to antiquated nuclear power technology, insisting on wildly expensive new nuclear plants and prolonging the operating lives of its dangerous old ones.

Your Senators and Representative should be standing up for your safety. That means supporting a moratorium on operating licenses at the country’s most dangerous Fukushima-style reactors; an end to license extensions for deteriorating old reactors; and a halt to subsidies and licenses for proposed reactors.

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