Proposed 17th Ward boundaries- St Louis, MO

Every ten years, St. Louis wards undergo re-districting based on Census results in an effort to more effectively distribute the St. Louis population among aldermanic wards. The 17th Ward was affected by these changes. As 17th Ward Alderman Joseph Roddy stated, “While this redistricting lacked the political drama of previous years, it does not mean there was not change. While minimal compared to previous years, the 17th ward will lose portions of neighbors in the Southern end of the ward.” The ward gained a few segments in Kings Oak and Central West End, and lost a significant segment in Botanical Heights, Tiffany, and Shaw. The portion of Botanical Heights and Tiffany lost by the 17th ward will now be in the 19th ward, represented by Alderwoman Marlene Davis.

“The Botanical Heights Neighborhood was entirely in 17 and will now be split between 17 and 19,” said Alderman Roddy. “I look forward to working with Alderwoman Davis, the Botanical Heights Neighborhood Association, and Park Central Development on how best to serve the residents of Botanical Heights. Needless to say I’ve enjoyed getting to know and working with residents of these neighborhoods who are no longer residents of the 17th ward and have always considered it an honor to serve them.”

The 17th ward also gained residents in other areas. “The 17th ward has picked up a few new residents in the CWE and Kings Oak neighborhoods and I look forward to working with them in the years ahead,” stated Alderman Roddy.

Note the new boundaries have not passed as of yet. They will go into effect in late summer pending approval by the Board of Alderman and Mayor Francis Slay. The boundaries have been passed by the legislation committee of the St. Louis Board of Alderman. According to Roddy, “It appears that we will be passing a redistricting map with little or no controversy. This is remarkable given the history of redistricting in the city. President Reed and Alderwoman Young deserve credit for leading this effort as they carefully balanced the sometimes competing political, neighborhood, legal and city interests.”

Proposed 17th Ward boundaries


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