Spray Foam Insulation Estimating Tips

While Working on an Material Estimate for Installing 10 Replacement Windows.  I wanted to share this Information on from Dow Great Stuff.

Sizes and Estimated Yields for GREAT STUFF PRO™ Window & Door Insulating Foam Sealant
Can Size, oz (g) Delivery No. of Windows(1)
20 (567) Reusable Straw 6-9
20 (567) Gun 8-11
24.5 (695) Reusable Straw 8-11
24.5 (695) Gun 11-14

(1) Average-sized windows (36" x 60" [0.9 m x 1.5 m), gap 3/8" [10 mm] wide and 1" [25 mm] deep)


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