Stop Coal Ash Utility Waste Landfill in St Louis

We, the undersigned, are opposed to placing a coal ash utility waste landfill in the Labadie Bottoms floodplain of the Missouri river as proposed by AmerenUE. The proposed landfill will store harmful quantities of toxic heavy metals and other contaminants. Despite Ameren’s assurances of safety, we believe:

• No one can predict nor control flooding that WILL occur on the Missouri River.

• Coal waste contains hazardous substances that are toxic to humans, animals, and plants. These toxins accumulate and remain in the environment for hundreds of years creating the potential for harmful environmental impact for generations to come.

• Monitoring equipment failure, berm failure and leaching of toxins would expose residents of Franklin County, Warren County and downstream communities of St. Charles and St. Louis Counties to surface and groundwater contamination. Environmental disasters, such as the coal ash spill in Kingston TN and the Taum Sauk dam failure, demonstrate how destructive these events can be.

• Transportation of coal waste from other AmerenUE plants by rail, truck and barge could result in dangerous airborne coal fly ash contamination should an accident occur.

We call upon you, our public officials, to join our efforts to STOP THIS LANDFILL by denying all related AmerenUE permit or zoning requests at the County, State, and Federal level. It is the responsibility of government and those we elect to serve all persons in this generation and future generations through the enactment and enforcement of laws that secure a healthy environment.


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