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I encourage everyone to utilize the information to Weatherize Your Home or Schedule a Free Green site evaluation and Scotts Contracting will outline a Personal Energy Plan to reduce the Costs of High Summertime Cooling Bills.

Attic Insulation-Energy Solutions-

  • Part 1 on Home Weatherization Series

Attic Insulation-I’ve put a little information to explain Attic Insulation for a Home. 

It takes a whole house approach to Reduce a Home’s Energy Needs.

  • The Attic Area and Attic insulation being just one area. When Combined with a Green Roofing System- The pair combined are your First Defense Against Rising Energy Costs.


  • This includes: proper attic ventilation, ceiling protrusions(Light Boxes / Ceiling Fan), access points, mechanical and electric points, Attic Knee Walls, Obtrusion’s-

  • Anything that will allow the unconditioned air from the Exterior of the Home

Adding Radiant Barriers for Existing Buildings-in a nutshell this bounces the Exterior Temperature back outside and the Interior Temperatures Reflected inwards

Radiant Barriers are being used in more Construction Projects in today’s construction techniques to assist homeowners with additional savings on utility bills.

  • Attached to the Underneath Side of Existing Rafters- Best Option for Retrofits

  • Reflective Radiant Barriers have R-Values that range from R-3.7 to R-17 (When used in accordance with Manufactures Recommendations and Insulation Levels)

    Radiant Barriers can also act as vapor Barriers 

Prior Experience: R30 2×4 Vaulted Roof System Example #105:

  • Light Color Shingles on Exterior

  • 1 in roof decking

  • 2×4 Rafters 16″ Space

  • R13 Batt Insulation

  • Double Sided Radiant Barier

    • Also Acts as Vapor Barrier

  • Adequate Ventilation Provided by

    • Automatic Power Attic Fan Peak of Roof

    • Proper Vents in Soffits and Gable Ends


  • Reduced the Need for 1 window AC unit in Typical Two Story Stick Built Home-

  • This translates to a Savings of $30 / Month during Cooling Months or $120-$160 / Year.

    • This Application Payed for itself in the 1st Summer 06. At the time of writing this article the estimated savings for 5 yrs is $600. This Pays for 100% of the Materials used in the Green Roof Retrofit System in the Upstairs Bedroom Remodel.

  • The Only drawback reported by owner (which wasn’t really a drawback since it was his teen-age sons room) was the decrease in cell phone reception-

    • Caused by the Reflective Nature of the Reflective Foil Radiant Barrier.

Energy Star, Department of Energy, US Government Suggestions for Optimum Home Energy Savings (Reference Links Below)

Attic Add Insulation to meet Suggested Guidelines for the St Louis Area

  • w/ no insulation Add Insulation to achieve=R38 to R60

  • If existing 3-4 inches Add Insulation to achieve=R38

  • Suggested needed R value of Insulation on Attic Floor=R25 to R30 Optimum  Performance would be to upgrade to: R30-R60- Green Fiber Blow-In Natural Fiber Insulation.

Insulation when used in conjunction with a Radiant Barrier can lower the Cost of Insulation by reducing the Amount of Insulation Needed

Scotts Contracting is Available to assist you in improving your “Homes Energy Efficiency”

When Scotty comes over to perform an Green Site Evaluation.

  1. Scotty will inspect for the above mentioned problem areas.

  2. Discuss the various solutions.

  3. Next-Determine the Materials and Labor Needed to Complete and Fix the Areas Quoted in the Project.

  4. I’ll then submit a Project Proposal that will discuss project in detail.

  5. Answer any Questions, Explain Procedures, and determine the least obtrusive time to Weatherize your Home.

  6. Computerized Energy Audits for your Home for Estimated Energy Savings are also available- [Equest, Sam, HEED are just a few of the programs I am currently using. The Latest Simulated Advisory Model Beta is in the testing stages and being offered by the US Department of Energy].

Looking forward to meeting you and discussing the ways I can help with Lowering your Energy Bills for your Home or Business.

I encourage everyone to utilize the above information to Weatherize Your Home or Schedule a Free Green site evaluation-

Scotty will Weatherize You Building Against the High Costs of Ameren UE Electricity Rates that increase your Homes Summer Time Cooling Costs- Any Green Projects done to reduce energy needs reduces Pollution from burning Fossil Fuel (Coal) that creates our Electricity.

I will Save You $Money$!!!!

Scotty, Scott’s Contracting

Find me at: Green Me UP-Scotty

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