Wind Turbine– Used Vestas V44 – 600kW-Only$199,750

Get More Power

Used Vestas V44 – 600kW (50Hz)

Due to Re-powering project – This mint conditioned turbine is immediately available for sale

Serviced by Vestas

Only 140,000 EUR – ($199,750 USD)

USED VESTAS V42 – 600 KW (50Hz) wind turbine

1999  built

50m tower (3 sections)

42m rotor diameter

Serviced by Vestas


·       Total output to date approx. 10,000,000 kwH

·       Only 140,000 EUR – ($199,750 USD)

·       Terms – ExWorks owners site in Germany – Europe

·       Still in full operation – Early viewing before dismantle recommended

Transformer station 690kv/50Hz included!

Full Service history

Spare parts easily available

Unbelievable price!

ONLY 140,000 EUR ($199,750 USD) for this 1999 built – mint conditioned 600kW Vestas V42 on 50m tower incl. transformer station

This is a one time opportunity for any individual  who wants to start selling back to the grid or for any business who wants make a start to run their operation more responsible by feeding electricity to their business premises and contribute to reduce the carbon footprint while reducing their own electricity costs for a fraction (25%) of the price of a new wind turbines of the same quality and size.

The turbine is still in operation and can be viewed at work with full functionality testing


Approx. yearly production at 6 m/s* : 920.000 kWh/year **
Approx. yearly production at 7 m/s* : 1.345.000 kWh/year**
Approx. yearly production at 8 m/s* : 1.745.000 kWh/year


*10 min average values, according IEA standards on hub (shaft) height
** Weibull factor k=2; 100% availability


Vestas V42 – 600kW (50Hz)

Manufacturer Specification:

·        Rated output: 600 kW

·        Hub Height: 51 m

·        Tower Height: 50 m – 3 sections

·        Rotor Diameter: 42 m

·        Year of build: 1999

·        10 kV 690 V/10 kV. 50 Hz transformer included in price


·        Contact us asap so not to miss out on this amazing opportunity!

·        Appointments only after receipt of truly signed LOI (Letter Of Intent)

·        Please do not ask us for a shipping quote

·        Buyer must dismantle and collect from seller’s site

·        Purchase is subject to 7% sales commission at close of sale!


Your MWPS Service Team


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