Re: The Kochs Just Made It Personal. OR The Kochs and your children OR Our Children’s Lungs.

On Mon, Jul 11, 2011 at 1:55 PM, John Sellers, The Other 98% <> wrote:

The Kochs are taking aim at our children's lungs.

Will you help us fight back?

Yes, I will!

Dear Social Justice Warrior,

The Kochs are at it again – and this time, they're taking aim at our children's lungs.

The Koch Brothers and their Tea Party-funding oil front group, Americans For Prosperity, are suing New York's Governor, Andrew Cuomo, for taking part in RGGI (Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative), a cap-and-trade program that has forced corporate polluters to pay, and that has so far raised over $700 million for renewable energy and green jobs.

The Koch Brothers want it to be illegal for huge corporations to pay for their pollution – but they think it's just fine to make the American people pay the price.

Join us in telling Andrew Cuomo to fight back against the Koch Brothers – before it's too late.

The dirty energy Koch-Blockers in congress have thwarted attempts to address our climate emergency at every turn. RGGI is a shining example of states stepping up to the plate to protect our children's future. If it crumbles in New York, it's going to crumble across all the RGGI states along the east coast – and it'll be even tougher to challenge the Kochs in the future. We have got to stop this.

Andrew Cuomo needs to hear from us: we need him to stand up strong against the Kochs and this dirty lawsuit.

Thank you for fighting the good fight with us.


John Sellers, The Other 98%

The Other 98% is making democracy work for the rest of us. Our website is


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